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The FoxJet Sailplane
Coming May 2023

The story continues! After almost 30 years, the Super Salto has a sibling. The FoxJet sailplane. Featuring the same military-grade 250 pound thrust jet engine, the FoxJet jet sailplane self-launches and performs both a classic sailplane aerial ballet and has even more aerobatic capability for screamin' low-level jet aerobatics. No scheduling conflicts and valuable airshow time wasted climbing to altitude. No time wasted hooking up a tow plane or taxiing clear after the performance.


Powered by the PBS TJ-100 jet engine, the two seat FoxJet sailplane is the only sailplane on the airshow circuit capable of carrying two people and performing a low-level, jet-powered airshow performance. Utilizing its powerful jet engine, the FoxJet performs a high-speed aerobatic climb to altitude without a tow plane, followed by a spectacular exhibition of graceful sailplane aerobatics, choreographed to classical music, and featuring the world-famous Vertigo Airshows smoke. When the original altitude is spent, most sailplanes must land.


But not this sailplane! By simply spooling up the jet engine, the graceful sailplane is quickly transformed into a true low-level aerobatics machine. Accompanied by an ever-quickening musical score, the FoxJet cavorts at ground level with loops, rolls, hammerheads, spins and vertical penetration never dreamed of by a sailplane.


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