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Lights!   Smoke!   Pyro!

FoxJet Sailplane night aerobatics

Dazzling the night sky in the World's only Twin Jet Airshow Sailplane

Since 1903, airplanes and fire have been mortal enemies. Bob Carlton coaxes them into a snarling truce with the spectacular Fire & Lights night pyro show. With sparks, smoke and over 800 fireballs and bomb bursts, Fire & Lights sets the night sky ablaze with color and action. Don't be fooled by so-called twilight shows. This is a true, hard-dark night aerobatic performance, not just a day show sneaking in at sunset.


Bob's night aerobatic performance features high performance aerobatics with stunning pyrotechnic effects. The same pyro used on stage by superstars such as KISS, Aerosmith and Metallica. But best of all, this special high performance pyro requires NO ATF license! This means no shipping, storage or handling hassles for you.

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