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 Performance Information

ACT DESCRIPTION: Jet powered self-launch with max performance climb to 2000' with engine smoke. At 2000', the jet engine is reduced to flight idle (quiet) and Act 1 begins with graceful sailplane aerobatics, classical music and wingtip smoke.
Act 2 takes place at ground level with a cutting edge musical score, vertical maneuvers, loops, rolls, hammerheads and spins, and engine smoke in addition to the wingtip smoke. The FoxJet can taxi clear of the active runway under its own power.

START: Ground start (1 minute required for climb)

PERFORMANCE LENGTH (including takeoff and landing): 10-12 minutes

MAX ALTITUDE: 2000' AGL (1000' show available if low cloud ceiling)

END: Taxi clear of active runway and taxi by crowd (show layout permitting)

GROUND MANEUVERING: We supply tow equipment

REFUELING: We provide a mobile transfer fuel tank so we usually only fuel-up from your fuel truck or station once per weekend

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