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The dawn of a new age in aviation!!


Desert Aerospace is dedicated to bringing emerging aerospace technology to general aviation. Desert Aerospace is currently the leader in the development of the Extreme Light Jet (XLJ).


Desert Aerospace was founded as Desert Products Co. in 1992. Company President, Bob Carlton, began the company as a part-time endeavor in his garage shop, where he utilized his aviation and manufacturing experience to fabricate a wide variety of custom parts for local aircraft home-builders. Shortly thereafter, Bob began flying airshows, and the company (whose assets now include a 3000 square foot fabrication facility at Moriarty Municipal Airport), took on the tasks of customizing and maintaining Bob's airshow aircraft, as well as designing and fabricating the unique hardware specific to airshow work.


The company is the driving force behind the design of the world's only twin jet sailplane and the Super Salto Jet Sailplane, both of which have been flown by Bob regularly at airshows around the world. As jet engines become smaller and less expensive, Desert Aerospace LLC is poised to help bring jet aircraft to the average business and recreational pilot

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